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Ziba Heirloom

Ziba dried fruit and nuts come from plants whose traits pass from generation to generation through open pollination. Before the drastic reduction of breed varieties caused by the rise of industrial agriculture, nuts and dried fruit drew their flavor and nutritional profiles from the geographies in which they were grown and the manner in which they were handled by the farmers. In Afghanistan, things have remained unchanged for centuries. The result is a better-tasting, more nutritious, all-natural range of products that grow where they were meant to grow and taste how they were meant to taste.

Ziba Wild

Ziba brings you direct-from-origin white mulberries, pistachios and licorice historically available only to the world’s most resourceful foragers. There has been no active management or modification to increase these products’ yield or affect their size, flavor or appearance. Wild foods maximize nutrient and taste benefits, while ensuring the absence of additives. Truly a natural creation.


Ziba Foods offers wholesale of our entire product line.
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