Noreen Wasti is a food content creator based in New York City. A cook, eater, and creator — she shares her heritage and love of food through visuals and storytelling. We couldn’t think of a better holiday host, so we asked her for her tips on how to put together a beautiful and delicious ZIBA holiday spread.


A Grazing Spread How-To with Noreen Wasti

Everybody loves a grazing spread during the holidays, and this is how I like to style mine. Yes, it’s the era of boards, but I’m much more of a components gal. I like to assemble smaller plates with a mix of platters, ceramics, and glassware. It just feels a little more interesting and special.

I am using the ZIBA trail mix and trail pairing, which has an assortment of everything you need: sweet, savory, crunchy, and chewy dried fruits and nuts. 

I also add more kishmish raisins (the only raisins in the world that will change your opinion about raisins imho), and dried figs — the perfect accompaniment to all of those sweet and salty bites. ‘

 I was lucky to find fig leaves at the farmers market and I use those with endive and radicchio leaves as a resting place for my favorite cheeses. I like to choose 3 or 4 cheeses — something nutty, creamy, and tangy usually covers the bases.

Seasonal fruits like grapes, pomegranate, apples, and persimmon are beautiful to slice up and to dot along the table as decorative props.

You can add fresh herbs like thyme sprigs and edible flowers for a little oomph too. Honey, jam, and chutney are great in little dishes along with crackers and torn bread. You can’t go wrong with a spread like this. Happy Hosting! 

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